Fashion tips for petite women
By: Tofase Reporter on: 2013-07-01 13:21:06

Who among you who have petite body? For some people who have a petite body, sometimes it makes insecure and want a higher stature. But basically, it's good thing if you have that sze. Many men are happy with a woman from her petite stature. In addition many cute fashion collection designed to fit the size of the tiny. However, it can backfire if you do not know how to get around your tiny body through the clothes you wear.

This is some tips for those of you who have little body in order to look proportionate and fashionable. Check this out.

V-Neck, Scoop neck, Romper For The Posture Longer

When you choose the clothes, look for one that uses forms ve collar neck or scoop neck (like the round collar T-shirt). Scoop neck is suitable for you is square shaped blunt or rounded. Clothing types romper (jumpsuit similar but shorter) can also help create the illusion that your body seems high.

Ensure Upper Arm Located in Your Shoulder

The top of the sleeves that are too advanced or too backward, will cause poor posture illusion, because you will look slouchy and shorter. Choose clothes firmly on the shoulders, but not too wide.

Sleeve 3/4 To Impression Slim and Length

Ladies, if you want to suggest a more slender and long, use clothes with sleeves three quarters. Many women are suitable posture with arms this model because it makes them more graceful and ideal.

Crop Jeans

When using a pair of jeans, you can fold the edges or even cut it. Simply adjust your posture as long as it does not make you look shorter. Use the jeans that fit in the body.

Yay Mini Skirt!

For petite body, if you want to use the mini skirts, the most appropriate measure is knee-length or above. This will help make you look ideal.

Stay away from baggy Clothes Or Not Shaped

Because you have a petite body, then maximize your body shape with a tiny space. Do not let your body sink into batwing dress size or super big. Use the belt to show your curves.

Patterned clothing

In order to make your appearance is not plain, use clothes that contain a pattern or fun prints. Outfits like this can make you look more stylish and fashionable become.

Waist skirt

The last tip for those who have short stature and small, when you use a skirt, make sure the fall right at the waist and not at pinggiul. It is just as beneficial to use the belt on loose or baggy clothing.