Creative Use of Hijab
By: Tofase Reporter on: 2012-09-22 14:15:36
The main function of the hijab is to cover the genitalia, but along with the development of fashion trends, hijab is also used as the preferred style of dress. Creative veil it makes a person to be interesting. Since the trend now covered vary widely, so many choices of various kinds of modern hijab. Starting from the triangle scarf, rectangular scarf, hijab paris, pashmina scarf and so forth.

1. Round face.

If you have a round face shape, then it is proper hijab headscarf or hijab existing pet using ciput. Of the veil of this type will give the impression of length to your face. At the time of use, you can draw on the cheek so that half of the cheeks closed, so you look cute.

2. Oval face.

For an oval face, it is compatible with various types of veils. Simply adjust to fashion, accessories and other knick knacks.

3. Long face / oval.

turkish hijab style type face models are suitable for this, as it will give the impression of a solid and full in the face.

4. The face of the box / triangle.

Use scarf round shape to disguise the outline of your face so it looks graceful. To face this type, avoid using flashy colors and use pastel or soft colors.

you do not want to be a fashion victim instead? For that first identify your face like a veil above manner so that creation can match