How to avoid becoming a victim of fashion trend
By: Tofase Reporter on: 2012-09-22 12:23:05
Do you worry about clothes, bags, and shoes you no longer wear the trend now? Here's how to look fashionable without the need for wasteful trend.

1. See if you have wasted too much money on these trends by assessing the last five items that you have purchased.

2. If three or more of the goods you buy is touted as a must-have item in the trend now, you may have been a victim in danger fashion trend.

3. Please check your closet to see if more than half of your wardrobe is no longer following the trend of your favorite fashion sources said.

4. Now, ask yourself if you buy it because you really look good using the goods or you use it just as a precaution in order to fit your look current trend (fashion security blanket).

5. If you decide you always buy everything because you really like it and good terihat wear it, you do not tell the truth so that you may also have to stop here.

6. If you decide you use the item in case (fashion security blanket), follow the next steps.

7. Never use more than two items lg ngetrend together if possible.

8. Stop referring to your goods with designer names (Gucci jacket, Dior bag) and simply refer the item to its name.

9. Before buying branded goods next, ask yourself if you still want the item even if it does not have the logo channel? if yes, then buy.

10. Never wear sunglasses while shopping indoors.

11. Remember when celebrities wear branded stuff, they make up set and in such a way as to make it look nice and charming, sometimes the goods are not suitable for use in everyday life

12. There's nothing wrong with a designer label. Make sure you are not hiding behind expensive clothing to cover your identity.