8 MIP Locations
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One of the oldest shopping centres in Surabaya is located in Jalan Pemuda.

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Juanda International Airport is an airport located in Sidoarjo, a small town near Surabaya, East Java. The Airport serves Surabaya and surrounding areas. Juanda international airport is operated by PT Angkasa Pura I, is the biggest and busiest airport after Sukarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta and Ray I Gusti Ngurah Denpasar. Inside the airport there are several outlets stores that sell a variety of goods, souvenirs, perfume, fashion, and so on.

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A modern market located on the street of Bunguran 45 was built in 1960 with a land area of more than 6 hectares consists of 8 floors, floors 1-4 are used to shopping area, while the 4-8 floor used for parking. Here can be found a wide assortment of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and also the seamstresses that are scattered in various corners. The market is in the tens of thousands of people visit every day his is equipped with elevator, escalator, air conditioning, so it's easy to pamper visitors coming to this place.

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A few other locations in Surabaya is also selling fashion goods. Please visit these locations.

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Bonnet Supermarket established since 1988, surrounded by the famous settlements in the area of Surabaya East and Central-Government Center (Office of Dispenda, Samsat, PD. Pasar Surya, Dispenduk, and so on). This time, Bonnet is not only a convenience supermarket that provides all your daily needs with the assurance of quality and reasonable prices, but also provide various means to your family's needs, such as: face care clinic's Beauty Salon, Rudy, Grace Pearl Reflexologi, Koi and Pet Centre.